Wrap Works Orange County offers five shades of automotive window tint – light, ultra light, medium, dark and limo. Typically, we use only charcoal colors, but reflective/mirror style and ceramic tint are available upon request.

Reflective/mirror tint is a substitute for blackout or limo tint. It produces a reflective appearance on the exterior while protecting its’ interior.

Ceramic window tint is a fascinating technology that doesn’t use dyed film or metal to achieve results. The best feature about ceramic automotive window tint is it’s ability to block more heat that standard film of the same shade. Its extra-strength construction makes it resistant to bubbling, fading and discoloration for longer than metallic window tint films. Wrap Works installs premium ceramic tint from Express, Solar Guard and LLumar. Ceramic tint costs more than other types of automotive window tint, but offers outstanding performance and less shine than metallic window films.

Wrap Works is located in San Clemente, but we serve all of Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. Don’t have time to drive to our shop? Our installers will travel to your home or business.

Automotive window tint installed by Wrap Works Orange County offers several benefits over plain glass windows:

Automotive Window Tint Blocks UV Rays to Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Dangerous UV rays penetrate plain glass car windows and can cause premature aging or even skin cancer after years or decades of driving. An article titled “Watch Out for Skin Cancer and Photoaging on the Left Side of Your Body” on Skincancer.org, states that dermatologist have long noted more sun damage on the left side of patients’ faces than the right. This is due to the cumulative effect of driving in bright sunlight without adequate protection. Southern California’s year-round sunshine and heavy traffic .increases the chances of skin cancer in drivers. That’s one of the reasons you should invest in automotive window tint. Wrap Works offers several brands of vehicle window tint, including LLumar,which filters out up to 99% of the sun’s cancer-causing UV rays.

Automotive Window Tint Reduces Heat and Glare that Can Impede Your Driving and Cause Accidents

After a few hours driving in Southern California sunshine, the interior of you car can become unbearably hot, interfering with your comfort and the comfort of your passengers. You can always turn the car air conditioner on to the highest setting to keep it cool, but there’s another way to decrease the temperature in your vehicle’s interior. Window tint may lower the temperature inside your car by as much as 30° F, making the ride more comfortable for driver and passengers. Decreased dependence on your car’s air conditioner will extend its life and prevent wear and tear on your vehicle’s HVAC system. Tinted windows filter out UV rays that discolor fabrics and prematurely age leather seats and vinyl, keeping the interior of your car looking good for far longer than unprotected windows.

By reducing glare, tinted windows let you drive without squinting or making potentially dangerous mistakes on the road.

Automotive Window Tint Improves Your Vehicle’s Appearance

Window tint film is available in different colors and styles, so one is sure to enhance your vehicle’s exterior. A soft charcoal window tint adds elegance and class to any vehicle, from a BMW or Maserati to a vintage car or town car. A professionally installed window tint sets your car apart from other vehicles on the road. It enhances your car’s appearance, giving it a stylish and commanding look while protecting your privacy.

Automotive Window Tint Safeguards Your Privacy

Driving with tinted windows prevents outsiders from distracting you, letting you concentrate on the road. It stops curiosity seekers and potential thieves from spying on your belongings or passengers, making for safe and pleasant travels. Driving in Orange County, Los Angeles or elsewhere in Southern California is stressful enough; window tinting shields you from trivial distractions that may turn into threats or accidents.

Automotive Window Tint It’s Easy to Maintain

Ask your automotive window tint installer how long you should wait before cleaning windows after film placement. Some tint manufacturers recommend waiting a month before initial cleaning while others suggest cleaning after a few days.

Clean your vehicle’s tinted windows with a non-ammonia glass cleaner and a soft paper towel. Alternately, you can use a ½ ounce of liquid dishwashing detergent and a quart of water. Wash with a soft, clean cloth or sponge and then use a soft rubber squeegee or another cloth to dry. Don’t use bristle brushes or scrubbing sponges – they’ll scratch the tint film.

All of our vehicle window tint products carry excellent warranty periods, many have lifetime warranties. We guarantee bubble and wrinkle-free installations. Call Wrap Works San Clemente toll-free at 855-999-9727 to request a consultation for automotive window tint. We use only the best quality window tint film and our installers are second to none.