Irvine Commercial Window Film – Anti Graffiti and Security Film

Taking up 66 square miles in South Orange County, the city of Irvine is one of the best places to live in the U.S., and it’s also one of the best places to do business. Irvine’s largest employers include Broadcom, Edwards Life Sciences, Blizzard Entertainment and Braun Medical. Points of interest range from Wild Rivers Water Park to the Ayn Rand Institute. This busy city of 212,375 may not be as flashy as Hollywood or as laid-back as Dana Point and other communities closer to the beach, but it’s a hub for local and international business. If you own a store or other commercial enterprise in Irvine, you already know all about the advantages of running a business in this sprawling city – and you want to keep your property and employees safe.

You already protect your business with security alarms and locks, but Irvine commercial window tinting from Wrap Works provides additional protection for your building and inventory. Many business owners aren’t familiar with the security uses of window tint, but may consider using security bars. Sure, window tint protects employees and customers from UV rays, but strong safety/security window tint is a visually appealing alternative to security bars.

Why do you need window tinting? If your business has an industrial location, you may think security bars offer better protection than window tinting. But you don’t need to outfit the front of your building with heavy security bars. Window tint provides many of the same crime deterrents as safety gates or bars. Here are some of the pros and cons of each type of window protection.

Security Bars

Serve as a visual deterrent against intruders
Prevents glass from breaking

Prevents firefighters and emergency personnel from entering
Prevents employees from escaping during emergencies if doors can’t be used

Commercial Window Film – Pros and Cons

Blocks UV Rays
No Visual Obstruction
Prevents Thieves from Entering
Holds Glass in Place if Window is Smashed or Subject to Weather Damage

Won’t Deter Thieves without Signage
Needs a Strong Frame

Irvine commercial window film, barely noticeable from inside or outside your business, improves safety without the stigma of security bars. Customers may think twice about entering a building with too many security grills, fearing the business is unsafe and a magnet for criminals. The presence of security grills won’t reassure some customers. It may just scare them away to a business in a safer-looking area.

Guard against theft and protect your staff from injuries due to broken windows. Irvine commercial window tint bonds to glass, holding shards in place upon impact.

If graffiti is a problem in your area, Anti-Grafitti Window Film safeguards level, non-porous surface. This includes just about any display or fixture in your store or office. Windows, mirrors, stainless steel, counter tops, stairwells and escalators are just a few surfaces that can be protected against tagging and other graffiti. Potential vandals won’t know you’ve installed anti-graffiti film, as the material is transparent. Anti-graffiti film is an inexpensive way to protect your Irvine business against unsightly tagging and street art.

Wrap Works offers several types of commercial window tint film, including security film and anti-graffiti film. Our expert installers will travel to your business and apply high-grade commercial window film to protect your store, office or industrial building. Call us today toll-free at 855-999-9727 for a consultation.