Professional Home Window Tint Installation from Wrap Works Orange County

Home window tinting offers many of the same benefits as vehicle window tint, including safety, heat reduction, and increased privacy. Wrap Works offers home window tint in charcoal and earth tones with special reflective, security and privacy films available for discerning customers.

Security window film is extra-durable, sometimes consisting of several protective layers. It is used to guard against hurricanes, vandalism and thefts.

Mirror/reflective window tint offers privacy during daylight hours, allowing you to see out but preventing others from seeing inside your home. Translucent window tint gives you privacy 24/7 by letting light through, but preventing outsiders from seeing in day and night.

When applied by a professional, residential window tint looks like part of the glass – the installation will be seamless. No one can tell that the tint is actually a film placed on the glass. A properly installed home window film is free of bubbles, wrinkles and creases. An experienced installer can spot potential problems that might affect the tint’s performance and adjust the application accordingly. This ensures that the film will look beautiful and last longer.

When you buy window tint film from a professional window tint service, you’re assured of the highest-quality product. A dealer installer usually offers warranties that cover the cost of removal, replacement film and installation. If you buy film from another source, you’ll only be covered for the cost of replacement film due to a product malfunction.

Advantages of Using Residential Window Tint

Home window tint offers several advantages for homeowners. They include, but aren’t limited to, the following:

Residential Window Tinting Offers Protection against Storm Debris, Earthquake and Water Damage

Storms and high winds cause windows to break, allowing water and debris to enter your home. Water damage or falling trees may ruin drywall, furniture, carpeting or electrical systems, requiring expensive repairs or replacement. Home window tint holds glass in place when storms strike, preventing water from damaging your furnishings.

In an earthquake zone like Southern California, even a slight tremor can break window glass, resulting in injuries or property damage. Guard your home against the aftereffects of an earthquake with tinted security film.

Residential Window Tint Can Reduce Home Energy Bills

Tinted window film lowers air conditioning costs during hot weather because it limits solar heat gain. Keeping your home cooler naturally reduces your home’s carbon footprint and produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. For example, using HanitaTEK brand window tint film will reduce solar heat gain from 84% to 14%, keeping excess heat out of your home. This keeps your energy bill down and makes your home more comfortable.

Residential Window Tinting Controls UV Rays to Help Reduce Skin Cancer and Sun-Related Skin Damage

Year-round sunshine is one of Southern California’s best features, but it increases the likelihood of premature wrinkles and skin cancer for residents who spend a lot of time outdoors. The sun’s UV rays can penetrate plain window glass, and they can damage your skin even if you’re sitting inside, facing a picture window, on a hot day. Residential window film can block up to 99% of damaging UV rays, protecting your family from melanoma and other skin damage.

Residential Window Tinting Offers Glare Reduction

Windows treated with tinted film can reduce glare by up to 87% , making it easier for family members to read, watch TV or surf the Internet. Less glare means less direct sunlight to fade fabrics, hardwood floors, carpets and furniture, preserving their appearance for much longer.

Residential Window Tint Increases Safety and Privacy

You can choose from several home window tint colors to suit your home décor, layout and privacy needs. Custom or decorated film can be used for an extra layer of privacy. If your living room faces a busy street, you can reduce and glare and keep passersbys from looking in with frosted residential window tint. Security window film holds glass together during attempted burglaries or vandalism, foiling break-ins and deterring thieves.

The experts at Wrap Works San Clemente apply home window tint with the same care we use when tinting vehicle windows. We use only high-grade window tint film, including Express, LLumar and HanitaTek. (Check with one of our installers for specific information.) Protect your family and property with residential window tinting from Wrap Works Orange County. We serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino and Riverside. Call us toll-free at 855-999-WRAP (999-9727) for a consultation and free quote.

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