Commercial window tint for stores, warehouses, schools and industrial buildings serve many of the same purposes as residential window tint. It increases energy efficiency by reducing solar heat gain. This decreases the need to run air conditioners at full blast, saving businesses and educational institutions significant amounts of money on energy bills. Window tint gives businesses and their patrons more privacy when translucent or frosted film is used- people on the outside can’t watch what’s going on inside the building. Commercial window tinting also safeguards your employees’ health. Even when employees work indoors, hot sun shining through plain glass day after day may cause skin damage in some individuals. Commercial window film filters out harmful UV rays, preventing possible skin damage to building occupants from prolonged exposure to the sun. Tints also reduce glare that may interfere with vision and cause employees to make mistakes. The same glare-filtering window films that protects building occupants guard furnishings and carpet from fading and discoloration.

Wrap Works Orange County offers commercial window tint in charcoal and earth tones; privacy, security and mirror/reflective window films are available for added protection.

Tough, security window film is indicated for industrial buildings in urban areas, or any business that needs extra protection against vandalism and theft.

Mirror/reflective window tint gives occupants privacy during the day, allowing those inside to see out, but preventing people on the outside from seeing inside the building. Translucent window tint gives building occupants privacy 24/7 by letting light through, but preventing outsiders from seeing inside your business.

Business owners should consider several other safety reasons to invest in commercial window tint. Here are five of them:

Five Safety Reasons Your Business Should Use Commercial Window Tint

Commercial Window Tint Can Prevent Damage to Equipment from Storms and Earthquakes

Severe storms and earthquakes cause glass to break, sending water or debris into your building and compromising electrical systems and equipment. Security window tint holds glass together during severe weather, preventing injuries to building occupants and protecting furniture, drywall and business equipment.

Commercial Window Tint Offers Blast Protection

Pressure due to an accidental or intentional blast may break windows and send glass shards flying through a large building, damaging property and causing injuries. A reinforced security window film can decrease damage and injuries.

Commercial Anti-Graffiti Window Film Eliminates Graffiti

Schools, industrial buildings and warehouses are vulnerable to graffiti, especially in urban areas. Security film has an extra layer on top to absorb graffiti, leaving glass unmarked.

Commercial Security Window Film Prevents Thefts

Security window film on commercial buildings prevents vandalism and “smash and grabs” by holding glass together on impact. This discourages criminals from targeting your building.

Commercial Window Tinting Protects Equipment, Inventory and Displays from Harmful UV Rays

Commercial window tinting significantly reduces the amount if damaging UV rays which enter your building. Whether your business is a retail store or an office building, there is likely expensive inventory or equipment which can be damaged by the sun’s harmful UV rays. Commercial window tinting can help save you from thousands of dollars of annual sun damage to the interior contents of your commercial building.

Commercial Window Tinting Offers Energy Savings

By utilizing the built in heat rejection features offered in window tint on your commercial building, you will spend less money on your AC bill in the summer months. Often times, commercial window tint applications can save enough money on power bills in a single year to pay for the cost of the window tint.

The installers at Wrap Works San Clemente apply commercial window tint on industrial buildings, office buildings, stores and other large buildings. We use only high-quality films, including LLumar and HanitaTek. (Check with one of our installers for specific information.) Protect your business, employees and customers with commercial window tinting from Wrap Works Orange County. We serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, San Diego County, San Bernardino and Riverside. Call us toll-free at 855-999-WRAP (999-9727) for a consultation and free quote on commercial window tinting services.

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