San Clemente Window Tint

Wrap Works Orange County offers more than vehicle wraps. We specialize in automotive, residential and commercial window tinting. Window tinting is more than a luxury – it provides privacy, safety, improves appearance and extends longevity of window glass.

Long-lasting window tint film rarely needs to be changed because it stops working; most replacements are due to surface damage. Wrap Works uses only the finest, scratch-resistant, warranty backed window tint film for most applications.

Rest assured we will perform a quality installation. Some of our professional window tinters on staff have over 20 years of tinting experience and all of our tint installers on staff have a minimum of 10 years experience individually. Wrap Works serves Orange County, Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego County. Our professional installers can travel to your home or business to install window tint. All of our window tint products carry exceptional warranties; many have a lifetime warranty. Call Wrap Works in San Clemente toll-free at 855-999-9727 for details.

Orange County Automotive Window Tint Specialists

Automotive window tint isn’t just for celebrities who don’t want to be seen, it has many advantages for all vehicle owners. A first-class window tint application makes driving safer by providing UV protection and reducing glare and heat. A cooler, glare-free driving environments means safer, more focused driving and reduces the chance of accidents.

Automotive window tint prevents prying eyes from spying on passengers and belongings. This helps deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle in parking lots or at gas stations.

Five tint shades are available from Wrap Works Orange, with special ceramic tints and mirror/reflective tints available upon request. Read more about automotive window tint.

Orange County Residential Window Tint Specialists

Residential window tints enhance your windows’ appearance with charcoal and earth tone film. Home window tints reduce heat gain, minimizing air conditioning costs during summer months. Reduce your home’s carbon footprint and lower energy bills with professionally installed window tint from Wrap Works Orange County. Window film provides a safety net against intruders, storms and accidents, holding the glass together to prevent dangerous shards from injuring family members. Residential window tint may be applied to skylights and multi-pane windows. Read more about residential window tinting.

Orange County Commercial Window Tint Specialists

Wrap Works Orange County installs commercial window tint for stores. hospitals, schools, government buildings and other property owners. Commercial window tint reduces air conditioning costs by decreasing solar heat gain. This reduces energy consumption and can save a significant amount of money for large businesses, hospitals or schools.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, window tint users can expect a return on their investment within three to five years. The reduction in summer heat gain due to the use of residential and commercial window tint film provides extensive savings for clients during hot Southern California summers.

Graffiti is a problem for many commercial buildings, devaluing the property and necessitating time-consuming clean-up. A layer of window tint film provides a barrier between glass and graffiti,, taking the brunt of the damage and leaving glass clean and intact. . Commercial window tint may be applied to skylights and multi-pane windows Read more about commercial window tinting.

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