Many professional installers regard 3M’s 1080 series vehicle wrap film as being the best wrap vinyl in the business.  3M Scotchprint Series 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film is available in a variety of colors, textures and finishes to create a custom look for your car. Choose from matte, gloss, satin, brushed metal and distinctive striped carbon fiber finishes. Matte and gloss finishes are available in over 50 colors.

3M 1080 Series Vehicle Wrap Film FAQ

What Colors are Available in 3M 1080 Series Vehicle Wrap?
What Vehicles Can be Wrapped with 1080 Series Film?
Can I Use an Overlaminate on 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film?
Can Series 1080 Film be  Applied Wet?
Should an Adhesive Primer Be Used on Deep Channels or Contoured Areas?
Should the Installer Use Application Tape?
What Installation Tools should Be Used?
Can I Print on 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film?
How Do I Clean 1080 Film Vehicle Wrap?
What Can I Use to Remove Fingerprints?
How Do I Remove Stains?
Is There Any Way I Can Remove Scratches?
Can 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film Be Removed?
How Do I Store My Wrapped Vehicle?


What Colors are Available in 3M 1080 Series Vehicle Wrap?
Available Matte 1080 Colors are:
Matte Orange 1080-M54
Matte Black 1080-M12
Matte Gray Aluminum 1080-M230
Matte Indigo 1080-M27
Matte Blue Metallic 1080-M227
Matte Dark Gray 1080-M261
Matte White 1080-M10
Matte Pink 1080-M103
Matte Silver 1080-M21
Matte Military Green 1080-M26
Matte Red 1080-M13
Matte Yellow 1080-M15
Matte Red Metallic 1080-M203
Matte Royal Purple 1080-M38
Matte Apple Green 1080-M196
Matte Pine Green Metallic 1080-M206
Matte Charcoal Metallic 1080-M211
Matte Brown Metallic 1080-M209
Matte Deep Black 1080-M22
Matte Copper Metallic 1080-M229

Available Gloss 3M 1080 Colors Are:
Gloss Hot Pink 1080-G103
Gloss Sunflower 1080-G25
Gloss Intense Blue 1080-G47
Gloss White 1080-G10
Gloss Gold Metallic 1080-G241
Gloss Anthracite 1080-G201
Gloss Burnt Orange 1080-G14
Gloss Bright Yellow 1080-G15
Gloss Sky Blue 1080-G77
Gloss Black 1080-G12
Gloss White Aluminum 1080-G120
Gloss Black Metallic 1080-G212
Gloss Bright Orange 1080-G54
Gloss Kelly Green 1080-G46
Gloss Light Ivory 1080-G79
Gloss Blue Metallic 1080-G227
Gloss Sterling Silver 1080-G251
Gloss Red Metallic 1080-G203
Gloss Dark Red 1080-G83
Gloss Hot Rod Red 1080-G13
Gloss Charcoal Metallic 1080-G211

Available Brushed Metal 3M 1080 Textured Colors are:
Brushed Steel 1080-BR201
Brushed Gold 1080-BR241
Brushed Titanium 1080-BR230
Brushed Blue Steel 1080-BR217
Brushed Aluminum 1080-BR120
Brushed Black Metallic 1080-BR212

Available Satin 3M 1080 Colors are:
Satin White 1080-S10
Satin Pearl White 1080-SP10
Satin Black 1080-S12
Satin White Aluminum 1080-S120

Available Carbon Fiber Colors are:
White Carbon Fiber 1080-CF10
Black Carbon Fiber 1080-CF12
Anthracite Carbon Fiber 1080-CF201

What Vehicles Can be Wrapped with 1080 Series Film?

1080 Series wrap is recommended for new or reconditioned cars. Ideal candidates for 3M’s 1080 vehicle wrap film are luxury, sports cars, exotics and track cars.  Older vehicles that have dents, scratches, rust and other damage may be visible through the wrap. These defects may cause the wrap to look bad. 3M’s warranty only covers vehicles that have an excellent paint to substrate bond.  Vehicles with clear coat issues, scratches and dents will need to be sanded and prepped before it is wrapped.

Can I Use an Overlaminate on 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film?
3M doesn’t recommend applying a clear coat or overlaminate on 1080 film.  However, we can custom laminate any color you like to achieve the finish you are looking for – matte, satin or gloss. The wrap’s texture and color may be altered slightly by an overlaminate, so customers should test a small area first if they want to use it. Customers using clear coats or overlaminates on 1080 film must assume all risk when doing so.

Can Series 1080 Film be  Applied Wet?
Dry installation by a professional is recommended. At Wrap Works Orange County, we can perform all vehicle wraps as a dry installation.  3M’s 1080 series is an air-release material which does not require the use of soap and water to install.

Should an Adhesive Primer Be Used on Deep Channels or Contoured Areas?
The installer can use primer on complex curves or deep channels. Heat and film stretching are techniques often used to adhere film to contours and deep channels. Your vehicle wrap professional can determine the best method to use without damaging the 1080 vehicle wrap film. At Wrap Works, we typically do not use primer for most applications however, certain particularly difficult to wrap sections may require the use of a small amount of 3M’s Primer 92.

Should the Installer Use Application Tape?
Scotchprint 1080 Wrap Film is thick enough for easy installation without application tape. The film is 3.5 mil thick, and its texture may not work well with application tape and plotter cut graphics. We typically use other models of vinyl for cut graphics and overlays.

What Installation Tools should Be Used?
The installer should use masking tape to mark alignment, a grease pencil will leave marks in the film, and removing the marks can damage film texture. Since 1080 wrap film is sensitive to scratches, a felt squeegee should be used to prevent damage to the film. The installer can also use a 3M™ Applicator PA1-G (gold) and cover the edge of it with the loop of a  3M™ Scotchmate™  Reusable Hook and Loop Fastener, loop portion number  SJ-35231.zi A heat gun or a torch should be used to heat the wrap during installation. To reduce the chance of scratching sensitive 1080 film during installation, use a 3M™ Rapid Roller Applicator CPA-2 on the hood and other flat areas.

Can I Print on 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film?
Printing isn’t recommended for 1080 vehicle wrap film. The film’s appearance would be affected by an overlaminate used to protect ink. Although we do not recommend it, it is possible to print black or grey patterns on some 3M 1080 finishes.  Customers choosing to print on 1080 wrap film must assume risk for damages.

How Do I Clean 1080 Film Vehicle Wrap?
Use gentle cleaning solutions formulated for vehicle wraps.  3M™ Car Wash Soap

39000, Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash and Deep Crystal® Car Wash are recommended for cleaning 1080 film. Use a sponge and soft cloth. Rinse with clear water and remove it with silicone squeegee to prevent water spotting.

For bug splatter, tree sap, bird droppings and other tough stains, use hot soapy water as a softening agent. Then rinse completely and dry. If stains persist, use denatured alcohol, Meguiar’s Gold Class™ Bug and Tar Remover, 3M™ Citrus Base Cleaner or two parts isopropyl alcohol to one part water to remove. Don’t scrub excessively hard or use abrasive tools to remove rough stains.

If you must go through a drive through car wash, brushless car washes are recommended for vehicles wrapped with 1080 film. Brush car washes may damage or lift the film.

What Can I Use to Remove Fingerprints?
If fingerprints show on a matte wrap, you can clean it using a clean towel and a solution of isopropyl Alcohol and water or undiluted rubbing alcohol. Wipe the affected area and dry it with a cloth.

How Do I Remove Stains?
Use Simple Green or another gentle, non-toxic household cleaner, the wipe and dry with  a clean cloth.

Is There Any Way I Can Remove Scratches?
Light scratches on 1080 film fade when exposed to the sun during warm weather. For moderate scratches, use a heat gun at no more than 225 degrees Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a heat gun, use  70% rubbing alcohol or a  70% isopropyl alcohol/30% water solution and a clean cloth to treat the scratch. Deep scratches won’t come out, so take care during the installation process and everyday use to avoid them.

Can 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film Be Removed?
A vehicle wrap pro can remove 1080 film within damaging the underlying surface during the wrap’s warranty period, provided it  has been installed and maintained properly.

How Do I Store My Wrapped Vehicle?
Store your wrapped vehicle in a garage or shaded area. Sun exposure, dew, rain and acidic pollutants can damage the wrap, particularly the hood, roof and trunk lid. Use a cloth cover if shielded parking isn’t available. If the wrap becomes discolored or turns brown due to acidic pollution, have it removed by a professional from WrapWorks Orange County. This prevents stains to the underlying paint.

To learn more about 3M 1080 Vehicle Wrap Film, call Wrap Works Orange County at 855-999-8727. Our wrap experts will be help you choose the best color and brand wrap for your needs. Our shop is located in San Clemente, but we serve all of Southern California, from Los Angeles to San Diego.