“Wrap Works Uses Avery Blue Chrome Vehicle Wrap to Transform Lamborghini Aventador”

Original Color:  Arancio Argos also known as Red/Orange.
Material Used: Avery Dennison Conform Chrome Blue.
Technical Skill Level Required to Perform this Wrap: 10.

Vehicle Specs:
0-60 2.8 seconds
1/4 Mile 10.2 seconds
$397,500 MSRP (Starting Price)

A click glance at the specs above and it’s no wonder this is one of the world’s top super cars.  When the owner initially contacted us, he wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted, he knew that he wanted something different that nobody else had.  If you think that an Orange/Red Aventador would be unique enough, you haven’t been hanging out in Los Angeles for very long.  After a lengthy design and concept consultation, we decided that Avery Dennison’s Blue Conform Chrome was the perfect solution to create a truly one of a kind car.  This car has particularly sharp body lines and the Wrap Works team put great care into the initial planning of the wrap to ensure that the blue chrome would turn out absolutely perfect.   The vehicle wrap installation was performed onsite in Los Angeles while the car was at Diamond Hills Collision Center getting custom fitted for carbon fiber body parts.  Romeo at Diamond Hills was very accommodating to us during the project and gave us full access to a dedicated clean environment.

Check out a few of the photos of the Blue Chrome Lamborghini wrap in progress:

Blue Chrome Aventador Wrap in Progress Blue Chrome Aventador Wrap in ProgressBlue Chrome Aventador Wrap in Progress Blue Chrome Aventador Wrap in Progress

Once the wrap was complete and the carbon fiber parts were fitted, the car was debuted at SEMA (the largest aftermarket vehicle show in the world).  At the show, the car was gawked at and inspected up close and in person by the world’s tops automotive reporters.  We received nothing but rave reviews as the car was voted by Motortrend in the Top 5 Supercars at the 2013 SEMA Show.

This 691-horsepower Aventador (pictured at top) draws more stares and dropped jaws than a bikini contest. It doesn’t need to move, disintegrate its tires, or rev its 6.5-liter V-12. It’s just that attractive. So you can imagine the amount of attention one dressed in a blue chrome wrap received on the show floor. – MotorTrend

“…absolutely stunning chrome blue Lamborghini AventadorGTSpirit

“One of the most beautiful cars at SEMA 2013 was the Chrome Blue Lamborghini Aventador” –SuperAutoFans.com