Ceramic Coatings – Permanent ceramic coatings for your wraps

Premium ceramic coatings are one of the best things you can do to preserve the longevity of your wrap. Its an extremely hard layer that can go over your wrap or paint to prevent scratches, water spots, and it never needs waxing. Keep reading below to learn about the exciting properties that come with a Feynlab ceramic coating. 

Standard Clear Coat

  • Hardness & Durability – Protecting your paint from everyday scratches 33% 33%
  • Water Repellent – Preventing water spots, etc. 40% 40%
  • Self-Healing – Self-repairing scratches 0% 0%
  • UV Protection 35% 35%
  • Required Maintenance 100% 100%

Feynlab Ceramic Coating

  • Hardness & Durability – Protecting your paint from everyday scratches 100% 100%
  • Water Repellent – Preventing water spots, etc. 99% 99%
  • Self-Healing – Self-repairing scratches 100% 100%
  • UV Protection 100% 100%
  • Required Maintenance 10% 10%

Why Feynlab Ceramic Coatings?

At Wrap Works, we believe in using the best technology available. Sure, it costs us a little more to bring you the best, but we think its worth it.

Whether you drive a Ford Taurus or a Mclaren, a ceramic coating is the ideal wrap protection and the best thing you can do to extend the life of your wrap.

Here’s why…

Extremely Hydrophobic

Ceramic coatings are remarkably hydrophobic meaning water immediately beads up and slides off your vehicle. It reduces water spots to nothing and actually helps to clean your car when it rains. The water lifts off the dirt and cuts way down on the need for washing.


Feynlab coatings are self-healing so you never have to worry about everyday scratches and swirls. The sunlight on your vehicle and the heat from your engine activate the nano-technology causing the bonds to re-adhere to one another. It’s truly amazing to witness.


Intensely Durable

Ceramic coatings are a very hard layer that sits over your vehicle wrap. This layer is approximately 3x harder than your vehicles clear coat resulting in a “sacrificial layer” that keeps your actual paint or wrap completely intact. This is especially important when your cars wrapped since the vinyl is much softer than even the clear coat.


UV Protection

Whether it’s a paint job or vinyl wrap, its all susceptible to sunlight fading. Fortunately, Feynlab ceramic coatings are UV protectant which extends the life of your wrap and your paint job.


Expertly Trained Staff

Applying a ceramic coating to your vehicle wrap requires extreme care, preparation, and proper tools. Without these three elements in place, you can forget about the flawless finish. Fortunately, our staff goes through a rigorous training process.

We train and closely monitor each of them on properly cleaning your vehicle, preparing the wrap for your ceramic coating, removing all current scratches that can be removed, decontaminating your wrap, polishing, IPA wiping, and finally the proper application of the ceramic coatings.

These steps are each very important and time-consuming. Since the ceramic coatings are semi-permanent, if anything’s sealed in (tar, scratches, etc.) they’re essentially stuck there for a very long time.

Our technicians are all highly trained and apply dozens of ceramic coatings every week – and they’ve been doing this for years. They’re also intimately familiar with the process of ceramic coating vehicle wraps which makes the ideal team for your wraps ceramic coating application.


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