Ferrari 360 Spider Vehicle Specs:
Horsepower: 400 bhp

0-60: 4.2 seconds

¼ mile: 12.8 seconds
Material Used: 3M 1080 Satin Black Car Wrap
Window Tint: Ceramic Grey 
Technical Skill Level Required to Perform This Wrap: 10.

Satin Black Ferrari 360

Satin Black Ferrari 360

Satin Black Ferrari 360 with Blacked Out Emblems

“The most technologically advanced spider in the world at the time of its launch thanks to the exclusive transfer of features derived directly from Ferrari’s experiences on the Formula 1 track.” –

Wrap Works installers recently transformed a Ferrari 360 Spider from a sport coupe into a sleek black torpedo ready to rule the road with a full vehicle wrap in 3M Satin Black Car Wrap, grey ceramic window tint and satin black powder coated wheels.

We wrapped this sporty coupe with 3M 1080 Satin Black, applying it to curves and contours of this 2-seat coupe sports car manufactured from 1999-2005. Distinctive and cool, 1080 Satin Black wrap is a premium quality film designed for a seamless fit on the Ferrari’s contours. The glossy, chic Satin Black wrap took this iconic sports car to another level, giving it an exotic look destined to turn heads!

Wrap Work’s techs tinted the coupe’s windows a ceramic grey to highlight the coupe’s appeal and keep the car interior cool. Grey window tint affords UV and privacy protection, just like darker tints. Wrap Work’s techs applied a high-quality ceramic tint to control heat transfer, often reducing interior car heat by 20 degrees or more. Grey tint lets owners see through the glass day and night; it adds class to an already upscale vehicle without the foreboding look of black “limo” tint.

We powder coated the wheels black to match the satin black wrap. Our technicians applied coating to clean dry surface. We remove containments (dirt, debris, grease) from the wheels, protect the inner wheels and non-coatable parts and use a powder gun to immerse the wheels with smooth black.

To finish the Spider’s transformation, our techs blocked out the Ferrari Emblem and Ferrari Horse Icon, per client’s the request, to give the Spider a glossy, Spartan style, with the emphasis on the coupe’s shape and sleek black color.

Wrap Works Orange County specializes in luxury and sports car wraps. Our installers have years of experience wrapping Ferraris, Jaguars, BMWs and exotic sports and race cars. We position superior wraps from 3M, Arlon and Avery for a flawless fit. You won’t be able to tell the difference between a finished wrap from Wrap Works and a paint job! Wraps come in dozens of colors and finishes, from the Black Satin wrap we used on this Ferrari Spider to matte orange and carbon fiber white. Call Wrap Works today toll-free at 855-999-WRAP to learn how we can transform your vehicle.