If you are at all a Porsche fan, I mean a REAL Porsche fan from before the intercooled turbo days, before the traction control, PDK, automatic transmissions and techno-wizardry of today’s Porsche, you know or least have heard of Jeff Zwart. Even if you didn’t know his name, you have undoubtedly stared at some of his world famous Porsche photographs and watched his films as his work has been featured in almost every aspect of Porsche marketing since the 1980’s. He has also had his fair share of podiums at some of the most challenging race courses in the world. He has collected countless accolades throughout his career and is no doubt an awesomely skilled driver, photographer, filmmaker and marketer.
You can imagine the excitement we had when we received the call from Jeff telling us he wanted Wrap Works to wrap his Porsche Turbo GT3 for the 2013 Pikes Peak Challenge (Yes, you read that correctly, a TURBO GT3 – custom built by our friends at BBI Autosport). Given that Zwart is a 7 time Pikes Peak Champion, we knew this car would get a TON of attention – including national television coverage. Everything had to be perfect. We used our HP latex vehicle wrap printer and 3M’s ij-180Cv3 vinyl. We worked directly with Jeff’s designer to produce a stunning wrap with title sponsor Luminox, the swiss watch maker. The colors had to be just right and the design had to flow seamlessly through the GT3’s custom aero parts, vents and body lines.

We were under tight time constraints and the vehicle was being tuned and modified during the entire wrap process. The wrap was completed in just enough time to get the car onto the trailer and headed to Pikes Peak, Colorado for time trials.

In addition to the television, radio and internet coverage, the car (and the guy driving it) received a nice little press release from Porsche Corporate.