Avery Supreme Wrapping 900 Film FAQ

Matte Black Wrapped CLK 63 Black Series
We wrapped this CLK 63 Black Series in Avery Supreme Wrap 900 Film Matte Black in Los Angeles. We Choose Avery over 3M on this project because Avery’s matte black wrap film is slightly deeper and darker than 3M’s matte black

Avery Dennison Supreme 900Wrapping Film, a high-quality vinyl vehicle wrap, combines dazzling color and a smooth, paint-like finish to give your car a new and unique look.

What finishes are available?
What colors are available?

How long will Supreme 900 Vehicle Wrap last?
Is Supreme 900 Vehicle Wrap easy to install?
What is 900X Supreme Wrapping Film Extreme Texture?

What finishes are available?
Supreme 900 Wrapping Film is available in gloss, matte, matte metallic, gloss metallic, brushed metallic, carbon fiber, conformed chrome accent and pearlescent finishes. You can choose from 46 color and finish combinations. Refer to the Supreme 900 color chart for color and finish combinations. (Custom colors are also available. Call Wrap Works Orange County to learn more.)

Gloss, Gloss Metallic, Matte, Matte Metallic and Pearlescent Supreme 900 Film has a dual-layer consisting of one color and one clear protective layer. This makes the film more durable and provides extra protection from the elements, scratches and debris. These finishes conform easily to curves and deep recesses, allowing for a smooth installation and a bubble-free wrap. Its Easy-Apply RS technology lets installers wrap it on your vehicle without time-wasting adjustments. It can be applied as one piece. With fewer seams to disrupt the wrap’s flow, it will give your vehicle higher-quality installation results.

Brushed metallic and carbon fiber finishes are great for race cars and high-end vehicles. They conform well to deep channels, rivets and corrugations.

Conform Chrome Accent Film is a superior specialty wrap used for high-end vehicles, sports cars and any car chrome accents are desired. It conforms to curves, convex and concave shapes. Conform Chrome is applied with Easy Apply RS liner and has a long-term removable adhesive.

What colors are available?

Avery SW 900 Gloss Wrap Colors:

    • Gloss Black
    • Gloss Blue
    • Gloss Bright Blue Metallic
    • Gloss Brown Metallic
    • Gloss Burgundy
    • Gloss Cardinal Red
    • Gloss Carmine Red
    • Gloss Cherry Red Metallic
    • Gloss Dark Blue
    • Gloss Dark Blue Metallic
    • Gloss Dark Green
    • Gloss Dark Grey
    • Gloss Dark Grey Metallic
    • Gloss Dark Yellow
    • Gloss Emerald Green
    • Gloss Emerald Pearl Metallic
    • Gloss Gold Metallic
    • Gloss Gold Orange Pearlescent
    • Gloss Grass Green
    • Gloss Grey
    • Gloss Indigo Blue
    • Gloss Intense Blue
    • Gloss Light Grey
    • Gloss Lime Green
    • Gloss Metallic
    • Gloss Orange
    • Gloss Orange Pearlescent
    • Gloss Red
    • Gloss Red Rush Pearl Metallic
    • Gloss Soft Red
    • Gloss Silver Metallic
    • Gloss White

  • Gloss White Pearlescent
  • Gloss Yellow
  • Gloss Ambulance Yellow

Avery SW 900 Matte Wrap Colors:

    • Matte White
    • Matte Black
    • Purple Matte Metallic
    • Night Blue Matte Metallic
    • Frosty Blue Matte Metallic
    • Brilliant Blue Matte Metallic
    • Green Apple Matte Metallic
    • Gunmetal Matte Metallic
    • Charcoal Matte Metallic
    • Brown Matte Metallic
    • Anthracite Matte Metallic
    • Silver Matte Metallic
    • Matte Dark Grey
    • Matte Orange

  • Lagoon Blue Matte Metallic
  • Cherry Matte Metallic
  • Blaze Orange Matte Metallic
  • Midnight Sand Matte Metallic

Avery SW 900 Satin Wrap Colors:

  • White Pearlescent Satin
  • Satin Black,
  • Carmine Satin Red
  • Bubble Gum Pink Satin

Avery SW 900 Brushed Wrap Colors:

  • Black Brushed Metallic
  • Titanium Brushed Metallic
  • Aluminum Brushed Metallic
  • Steel Brushed Metallic
  • Bronze Brushed Metallic

Avery SW 900 Carbon Fiber Wrap Colors:

  • Black Carbon Fiber
  • White Carbon Fiber

Avery SW 900 Chrome Wrap Colors:

  • Conform Chrome (Silver)
  • Blue Conform Chrome
  • Gold Conform Chrome
  • Black Conform Chrome

How long will Supreme 900 Vehicle Wrap last?
Supreme 900 Wrap is designed for a long life.  Color wraps last up to ten years, metallic wraps up to five years and black or white wraps remain vibrant for up to 12 years. Specialty finishes have a shorter lifespan due to their unique look. Silver Conform Chrome wrapping lasts three years; black or blue conform chrome wrap two years; brushed metallic and carbon fiber wraps last four years.

Is Supreme 900 Vehicle Wrap easy to install?
The simple answer is yes, if you are a professional installer. Easy-Apply RS technology lets installers reposition and slide Supreme 900 Vehicle wrap into place.  This high-quality film wrap adheres well to deep recesses, contours and flat surfaces.  Supreme Wrapping films are available in a 60” width, which lets installers cover side panels, hoods and roofs with a single piece of material for faster application and seamless look.

What is 900X Supreme Wrapping Film Extreme Texture?
900X Extreme Texture Wrapping Film combines dazzling color and a brushed carbon fiber face to provide that extra bit of excitement for car shows or road rallies. This special wrap resists UV rays, humidity, salt spray and extreme temperatures, so it’s perfect for southern California weather. It also resists alkalis and mild acids – you don’t have to “baby” this wrap. 900X Wrap has an easy apply feature prevents wrinkling and bubbles. Avery 900X Extreme Texture Wrapping Film has a patented adhesive technology that ensures a tight, conforming fit. This durable material contains no heavy metals and is free of lead and phthalates. It has a two year removability span.