Orange County’s diverse population of over 3 million is spread out over 34 incorporated cities, including the bustling urban expanse of Santa Ana and Anaheim, quiet suburban neighborhoods, beach cities and luxury gated communities. Home to Disneyland, Knott’s Berry Farm, world-class museums and 42 miles of beachfront, Orange County is a tourism hub and a fun but sophisticated place to live.

Orange County’s residents take pride in their homes and communities, and the OC features many architecturally impressive homes. Contemporary, Mid-Century Modern, Mediterranean, Victorian Farmhouse, Tudor estate and many more architectural styles dot Orange County’s landscape. And Orange County’s sunshine and warm weather make it a great place for sports, hiking and swimming. But there is a downside to all that sunshine. Prolonged exposure to the sun’s UV rays has been proven to cause skin cancer.

You may be familiar with glare-reducing automotive window tint, but did you know that residential window tinting offers homeowners the same protection as drivers? Tinting your home’s windows with protective film wrap provides reduces glare, increases privacy and shields skin from damaging ultra-violet rays.

Window Tinting Orange County
This home overlooking the Pacific receives a ton of sun exposure in the afternoon. A light earth tone residential window film helps reduce glare, heat and harmful UV rays.

If your family and guests relax in your living room overlooking the ocean or the mountains, intense glare from sunlight can spoil the view. That’s why residential window tinting from WrapWorks Orange County is an important addition to your property.

Home window tinting from WrapWorks Orange County offers security, comfort, durability and a seamless, attractive appearance. Home window tinting offers advantages environmental advantages year-round. On hot days, it keeps your house cooler, which may reduce your air conditioning bill. During cooler weather, it reflects hot air back into the house, reducing the amount of artificial heat needed.

If you want extra protection for your family and property, consider an extra-strength window safety film. Available for residential and commercial use, safety film is thicker than sun protection film. It holds glass together in event of a break-in or damage from an earthquake or high winds, preventing personal injury and damage to your home.

Our residential window tinting experts will help you choose the best film wrap for your windows. Wrapworks uses HanitaTek and Llumar window tint products, both high-quality brands for unparalleled coverage and protection. Our skilled technicians have years of experience applying residential window tint in homes throughout Orange County and Southern California. We can apply residential window film to picture windows, bay windows, casement, double-hung and grille or divided lite windows. We can even apply high-quality Hantia Tek window tint to skylights and sun room windows. Enjoy the sun without squinting or skin damaging UV rays. Excessive sunlight can cause fabric to fade and look dull; home window tint preserves your draperies, carpet and upholstered furniture.

Orange County residential window tinting protects your privacy, whether you’re lounging in your living room or spend time with your family in your sunroom or pool house without worrying about strangers (or neighbors) spying on you. Window tint is available in several colors and guards your privacy as it blocks out harmful UV rays.

Orange County residential window tinting from Wrap Works in San Clemente is a worthwhile investment whether you live in a ranch-style suburban home, a 1930s’ Cape Code or a custom waterfront mansion, residential window tinting will increase privacy, safety and security while reducing damaging UV rays. Call WrapWorks today for more information about home window tinting at 855-999-9727. We serve the entire Southern California area, including Seal Beach, Tustin, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Anahein, Dana Point and other cities in Orange County. Our installers will come to your home and apply tint to your windows with the same care and precision we use on our automotive window tint and car wrap projects. Contact us today!